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Access for All Students

Purposeful Sampling of Technologies Employed in K-12 Online Education

The Center reviewed an array of software products and digital materials currently used to develop or distribute elementary and secondary instructional materials. The purpose of the review was to identify the extent to which product developers or publishers offered readily discoverable and publicly available information about product accessibility. Using the Section 508 standards for physical and sensory access as a benchmark, the Center has color coded products green, yellow, or red.

We contacted or attempted to contact a representative of each product reviewed in order to verify that the product’s designation was accurate.

Last updated March 2016

Green A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) was available on the product’s website
Yellow Product accessibility information was available but no VPAT information was listed
Red No product accessibility information was listed

Read the Center’s white paper which details the recent history of accessibility legislation and several examples of VPAT best practices.

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