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Online Learning and Students with Disabilities

The Center conducted a thorough search of all 50 state Department of Education websites to obtain publicly available policy and guidance that pertains to online learning. The purpose of the search was to identify and make available policies and guidance related to online learning from across the United States. When a policy or guidance document was general in nature and appeared to refer to all students and online learning, it was considered to include students with disabilities because, logically, policies or guidance documents that apply to all students include students with disabilities.

Information in the table was shared with staff at all 50 state departments of education to review for accuracy and thoroughness.

Rows have been provided for each of the seven categories for all 50 states. Where information relevant to a category has not been identified, a blank row has been included. Where a state has more than one policy or related resource pertaining to a single category, additional rows have been added.

Last updated December 2014

The table below provides state policies and guidance organized under the following seven categories:

  1. Placement and enrollment
  2. Allowable providers of services
  3. Accommodations and Assessments
  4. Access or accessibility
  5. Funding for services
  6. Administrative duties
  7. Graduation or exiting
  8. Teacher Preparedness
  9. Definitions

Read the Center’s methodology paper which describes how this study was conducted.

[table id=16 /]

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