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Online instruction takes place in many settings. The Center’s staff and colleagues have translated those research efforts into numerous documents for varied audiences. While some descriptions are rather technical, the bulk of the publications are intended for varied audiences to use as they explore, understand, research and develop the online environment and support for students with disabilities. Here you will find summaries of stakeholder forums, descriptions of useful tools, published journal articles, and other reports of our research and policy studies. The Center Reports are mostly summaries of stakeholder discussions on particular topics such as teacher preparation, student performance, and parent involvement. The Featured Publications are of particular note since they reflect substantial efforts to shed light on particular issues in the education of students with disabilities in online settings.

Schoolchildren and teacher studying in library
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Center Reports

Three publications are highlighted because of their treatment of special topics. Equity Matters summarizes research on selected policy and practice topics. Invited In helps users assess how curriculum incorporate universal design for learning principles.


Featured Publications

These reports document research activities that explored numerous issues and trends in online instruction for students with disabilities. These reports are meant to increase accessibility to audiences that have limited access to journals.



Journal Articles

The Center’s research findings have been published in numerous journals. Abstracts and citations for those articles are included to help readers locate desired information.


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